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As a route out of poverty

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Education is the most effective route out of poverty.

While literacy rates have grown steadily over the last decade, not everyone has a chance to learn to read and write and universal literacy is still far from a reality. Adequate education is even further from reality.

Everyone has a right to an education but it still remains a dream for millions of the less privileged in poor communities around the world.

There are many causes of illiteracy alongside poverty, the most common ones in Africa are child labour, uneducated parents, governments and local customs. Female illiteracy rates are particularly high in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Education transforms lives


of children don’t have access to education

Affordable pricing

Sponsorship starts from only £25 per month


is an effective route out of poverty


is passed down fro generations

Sponsor a Student

Starting a regular sponsorship of a deserving student will allow us to provide the young person with an education and fulfil all their needs to ensure they never again resort to begging or child labour.

When you begin your sponsorship journey with I-Support, you’ll be starting a special friendship with a boy or girl in need which you’ll treasure forever.

You’ll be helping to provide clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and education for the young person.

Hifz Sponsorship

Supporting a Hifz student is a blessed opportunity to aid in a child’s development and education while helping them grow closer to Allah (SWT) through the Holy Qur’an.

Along with Islamic religious education, our 4-year course ensures that the young person gains the skills to share the learning and teach others.

Sponsor a Student today

For just £25 per month, you can pay for a young person’s education

Renovate a School

Thousands of schools throughout Africa are in disrepair so despite having the students and teachers, they have no facilities to provide the education.

Help us to renovate and refurbish schools in the region. 

Any amount will make a difference and will be used for items the school requires from books, stationery and furniture to classroom rebuilds.

Sponsor a Hifz Student

Our Hifz sponsorship costs just £50 per month but the reward continues for many years