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Free, clean, refreshing water for the less privileged.

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Dig a Well in Africa

Starting from £42 pm

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Dig a Well in Asia

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Dig a Community Well

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Deep wells, lots of water, lots of reward.

In 2020, 2.1 billion people still wake up each morning without access to clean water. This means that millions of vulnerable families around the world do not drink, cook, or bathe with clean water.

Everyone deserves access to clean water, but in areas of drought or rocky terrain a water well digging deep into the earth is the only solution.

Dig-a-Wells are bigger installations and their mechanical hand pumps draw water from up to 35 to 40 metres underground. These wells are constructed in communal places to benefit the whole village and community.

The gift of a Dig-a-Well can provide clean water for both drinking and washing for the whole village. On average, these wells serve up to 200 people.

Our Wells

2.1 billion

people don’t have access to clean water

Affordable pricing

Price start from only £42 per month

Rewarding in many ways

Water is used for drinking, cleaning, washing and more

Built to last

Our wells on average of 30 years

Safety in mind

Water purity and site inspections

Dig a Well in Africa

This is low cost water well with a small diameter and usually about 10 to 15m depth. It serves enough water up to 30 people.

Water is regularly fetched by a bucket pull out by a rope tied to a metal stand on top of the well.

The water is used for drinking, cooking and laundry purposes. To make sure the water from these wells are safe for drinking we ensure it is covered and all hygiene and safety precautions are observed. These wells are designed to last and serve the communities from 20 to 30 years.

Dig a Well in Asia

Together we can provide long term solutions and provide people with their basic rights of having clean water.

By donating, you can build a water well for those communities in Pakistan who need it the most.

Donate a well in Africa/Asia

Starting from £42 monthly for 12 months or £500 one-off

Community Well in Africa

In Africa, construction requires even more digging so a single well costs more compare to other countries.

This is a deep water well with a depth usually varying from 15m to 25 metres. It is a concrete lining well with a hand pump on top of the well.

It ensures enough supply of water for a large community.  On average this wells serves up to 200 people daily and meets their drinking, cooking and washing needs. In many places the same well is used for the cattle to drink and for women to water their small horticultural garden beds.

Donate a community well in Africa

Starting from £250 monthly for 12 months or £3000 one-off